Course Tour

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Course Tour - 1st Hole

A drive to the top of the hill will give you a shot at hitting the green in 3 shots.

Par 5;
Gold 523 Yards
Blue 512 Yards
White 477 Yards
Red 332 Yards

Course Tour - 2nd Hole

A slight draw on your Tee shot will set you up for a challenging 2nd shot that is threatened by a creek and a tight green.

Par 4;
Gold 335 Yards
Blue 293 Yards
White 249 Yards
Red 242 Yards

Course Tour - 3rd Hole

Straight off the Tee, your second shot should be placed near the dog leg right. Don�™t leave your 3rd shot short unless you like the water.

Par 5;
Gold 463 Yards
Blue 443 Yards
White 423 Yards
Red 359 Yards

Course Tour - 4th Hole

Landing the Green is a must on this unforgiving Par 3.

Par 3;
Gold 209 Yards
Blue 195 Yards
White 181 Yards
Red 120 Yards

Course Tour - 5th Hole

Risk of landing in the ravine if your drive isn�™t long enough. You may consider laying up short of the ravine to ensure a 2nd shot.

Par 4;
Gold 423 Yards
Blue 393 Yards
White 381 Yards
Red 322 Yards

Course Tour - 6th Hole

Hit it straight and long, there are no other options.

Par 3;
Gold 167 Yards
Blue 155 Yards
White 143 Yards
Red 131 Yards

Course Tour - 7th Hole

A solid drive on this dog leg left will give you a chance at a birdie.

Par 4;
Gold 371 Yards
Blue 353 Yards
White 314 Yards
Red 276 Yards

Course Tour - 8th Hole

Pretty much a straight Par 5, however, there are pitfalls that just come looking for you

Par 5;
Gold 532 Yards
Blue 513 Yards
White 494 Yards
Red 421 Yards

Course Tour - 9th Hole

A fun Par 3, maybe you can strike the big “one”.

Par 3;
Gold 152 Yards
Blue 141 Yards
White 102 Yards
Red 92 Yards

Course Tour - 10th Hole

This hole requires a solid drive and a precise 2nd shot to reach the green in two. If you need 3 strokes, make sure that you are accurate with your wedge.

Par 4;
Gold 393 Yards
Blue 377 Yards
White 323 Yards
Red 269 Yards

Course Tour - 11th Hole

This Par 3 one of the most difficult greens on the course.

Par 3;
Gold 188 Yards
Blue 151 Yards
White 129 Yards
Red 96 Yards

Course Tour - 12th Hole

A double dog leg left with an elevated green, beware of hitting to the right on your second shot. Remember to adjust your club for the elevated green.

Par 5;
Gold 509 Yards
Blue 492 Yards
White 475 Yards
Red 418 Yards

Course Tour - 13th Hole

A slight dog leg right. Don�™t go right off the Tee; there is a sand bunker and trees. This green requires a careful read.

Par 4;
Gold 423 Yards
Blue 378 Yards
White 357 Yards
Red 313 Yards

Course Tour - 14th Hole

A challenging Par 4, slightly dog leg right, pond to the right and just short of the green will certainly boost your ego.

Par 4;
Gold 431 Yards
Blue 419 Yards
White 407 Yards
Red 349 Yards

Course Tour - 15th Hole

A straight away Par 3 that produces more fours and fives than threes. Many tee shots come up short.

Par 3;
Gold 244 Yards
Blue 208 Yards
White 196 Yards
Red 132 Yards

Course Tour - 16th Hole

Your 2nd shot to the green is short, more often than not. Tough putts when the pin is located at the back.

Par 4;
Gold 375 Yards
Blue 357 Yards
White 339 Yards
Red 292 Yards

Course Tour - 17th Hole

The green is well below the tee off area and really invites a shot to make you proud.

Par 3;
Gold 188 Yards
Blue 164 Yards
White 141 Yards
Red 132 Yards

Course Tour - 18th Hole

A double dog leg left and then right to a tight green. Simply don�™t go to the right on your second shot and you could have a shot at the easiest birdie on the course, a great way to finish.

Par 5;
Gold 500 Yards
Blue 452 Yards
White 427 Yards
Red 358 Yards